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If you are a Social Media Marketer, Digital Marketer, Drop-Shipper, Affiliate Marketer, E-Commerce Specialist, Online Marketer... and you are struggling to Earn Money Online, then this is for you!


You don't need more INFORMATION, CREATION OR MANIFESTATION. The only thing you need is CUSTOMERS!


Everybody wants to sell you something and DO IT YOURSELF (DIY). We believe that DOING IT TOGETHER WILL GET YOU BETTER RESULTS! That is the reason we offer you a DONE FOR YOU (DFY) 'MESSENGER BOT' AGENCY IN A BOX! 



1. List Growth

2. Improved Marketability of subscribers

3. Open rate 50% – 80% better than email

4. Highly targeted outbound marketing

5. Integration with countless applications (via third party providers like Zapier)

6. Automated response (0 wait time for customers to get answers to commonly asked questions

7. Brand recognition

8. Engagement improves loyalty

9. Less expensive than paying someone by the hour to monitor chat/Frees you up to run your business so you don't have to monitor

10. Customer support (on website widget – treat like a support ticket or use 3rd party integration to create a support ticket)

Hello, my name is Ottmar Joseph Gregory Francisca.


I am a Chatbot Developer but started as a Social Media Marketer. I am a perfectionist and want the best for everyone including myself!


For 24 years I have been working as a team leader, side by side with the Government Police in The Netherlands. I left my Job because I wanted to become completely independent!


The reason that you are not able to make Money Online is because you are focused on the wrong things. People don't make money because they want to. People make money because they solve problems. Anyone will pay you money if you can solve the problems they want a solution for!


Within 6 years, Chat Bots and AI are projected to be a $1.25 BILLION industry and create 8.9 MILLION new jobs.



  • Messenger Bot Agency Wordpress Website with installation video. (Value $2500) 

  • 12 Messenger Bots installed on Fan Page + Website of your Customers Incl. your LMA Bot (Value: $4400)

    1. Local Marketing Agency Messenger Bot

    2. Attorney Bot

    3. Attorney Divorce Bot

    4. Automotive Sales Person Bot

    5. Car Dealership Bot

    6. Carpet Cleaning Company Bot

    7. Chiropractor Bot

    8. Coffee Shop Bot

    9. HVAC Bot

    10. Commercial Loan Bot

    11. Dentist Bot

    12. Direct Sales Bot

  • Messenger Bot E-mail scripts

  • Messenger Bot Sales Emails

  • Messenger Bot Social Media Posts

  • Messenger Bot Blog Posts

  • Infographic white label

  • White papers to share with your clients. (Information about what are Messenger bots)

  • Messenger Bot presentation Video ($499)

  • Messenger Bot Proposals

  • How to get High Paying Clients! (Video training / Value $299)

  • Agency Files

    Facebook Ads

    Commercial Graphics

    Contract Agreements

    E-mail Sequence



    Web banners

  • Chat Bot Scripts


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Ottmar Joseph Gregory Francisca

Bijlmerdreef 661

1102 RR Amsterdam

The Netherlands


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